invested in it probably don’t need to worry too much

Peanut butter, meet aptly-timed jelly. Classic and somewhat collegiate, navy and brass just go together.

“You’ve been seeing it everywhere for a while now. It’s trendy to the point where it almost feels overdone,” says the San Francisco-based interior designer Susan Work, whose own ocean-blue-and-brass kitchen was featured in Domino. “The reason it keeps appearing is that it’s a great winning choice for that impact of color and drama that’s just enough drama in a residential setting without going overboard. But it’s not unsafe either.”

Navy and brass could become oversaturated — surely it will give way to the next aesthetic wave to hit home design — but those who have already invested in it probably don’t need to worry too much.

“Maybe it won’t have staying power,” says Dailey, “but navy and gold is a very classic color combination that I don’t think is going to feel dated.”

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