Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Event

The patient appreciation event is an event every chiropractor should plan for at least once a year. What is the patient appreciation event? A patient appreciation event is an event where the chiropractor simply thanks patients for regularly visiting his practice to address health issues.

A recent survey conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce found that the reason people leave their current supplier (in this case healthcare provider) is because of a perceived attitude of indifference . In today’s fast-paced world, most companies and professional practices make the mistake of not simply showing their appreciation to their customers.

By simply staging an event to indicate that you appreciate your patients, you will find that you build much goodwill and loyalty with your current patients. It is recommended that the ideal venue for staging such an event would be a lunch or dinner event.

Following are the steps for deploying a patient appreciation event:

-Set a date for the event.

-Develop marketing communications to announce the event. The communication should, first of all, express appreciation to customers for visiting your practice. It should also indicate that as part of your ongoing dedication to the health of your patients, you strive to keep current on the latest healthcare practices in order to provide your patients with the very best in chiropractic care.

-Place a sign at your front check-in desk announcing the patient appreciation event so that when patients visit your office they were reminded of the event.

-Arrange for a location for the event and handle all of the logistics such as deciding on the meals to be served and what else will occur at the event.

-It is suggested that during a portion of the event the chiropractor addresses the group and again thank them for being a patient. He should then deliver a short speech with information on the latest healthcare trends and how it affects patient health.

-During the event, the chiropractor should announce that he always values feedback from patients on what can be done to provide a higher level of service. He should indicate that he is passing out a questionnaire about rating the level of service provided and to seek suggestions from those attending   to improve the level of service provided.

-After the event, a personal thank you note should be sent to all who attended to again express appreciation.

Staging a patient appreciation event positions a practice in a very positive way. Experience of other chiropractors who staged a patient appreciation event indicates that the impact from such an event on practice profitability and patient satisfaction with services provided can be very positive.

Now is the time to begin planning for your first patient appreciation event. After staging such an event, if your experiences are like those of most chiropractors, you’ll find staging such an event is a very positive experience. If you have never staged such an event, you might talk to other chiropractors who have and learn of their experiences and obtain advice from them how to best stage such an event.

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